I Will Remember You

July 29, 2011

When I was an intern at MusicWorx of California, I was lucky enough to have an experience (among many experiences) working with a young woman with Rett Syndrome.  She was my age, 29, when I began working with her.  “D” was non-verbal, confined to a fancy wheelchair, very small in stature, and made my heart melt.  My co-intern and I worked with D for three months, once a week, and were constantly impressed with her strength and heart.  We wrote songs for her, helped her to participate in the music we brought to her, and patiently waited, on many occasions, for a “blink” so we knew which instrument or song she wanted.  D taught me what music therapy really is.

My co-intern and I working with D in 2006

Her mother was a devoted caretaker and gave D everything she could.  She advocated for D for services including music therapy, and had attentive and caring home health clinicians with D while she went to work.  She experienced one of the most difficult situations a mother could take, and she took it with grace and patience.

I was told today that D has passed away.  She would be around 35 years old now.  I don’t know what her condition was in the end, but I can say that, regardless of her abilities or hardships, she was a monument in my education, and will be remembered fondly and with respect by over 100 music therapy interns who have worked with her over the years.

Goodbye, D.  Rest in Peace.


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