The Long and Winding Road

July 29, 2011

Ah, the joys of being a contractor…

The flexible schedule, the extra free time, the ability to take holidays off and be my own boss: priceless.

The hours driving between Somerville and Gloucester, the cost of gas and the wear on my car: Approximately $4,000.00/year.

I practically live in my car.  I tote around carts of drums and shakers almost everywhere I go.  I keep extra shoes in the back seat, and a crate of songbooks and folders in my trunk.  My auxiliary input cord is a permanent fixture so I can learn songs while I’m driving, and most days I spend more time getting to and from each place I work than I do actually working there.

This is my actual trunk

There are perks, though.

I make decent money, and am able to take advantage of the “being my own boss” thing by going on vacation a seemingly impossible amount of times a year.

I am constantly reconstructing my schedule by removing contracts that aren’t working for me anymore, and adding new things when new opportunities arise (usually by word-of-mouth).

Currently, burn-out is taking hold, but that’s okay!  I’m chock-full of coping skills, right?

The solution isn’t apparent yet, but at least I have those drums in my trunk.


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