The Sound of Silence

September 1, 2011

I am a talker. This may be apparent in the ten blog posts I’ve written, but nevertheless, I definitely love to gab and this has always been the case. My younger brother didn’t really start to talk until much later than he probably should have, because I would answer questions for him and was always talking talking talking. There were times when I would talk all throughout dinner and be the last one left at the table because everyone else had finished, but my plate was still full.

If you have met me before, you know that I’m a chatterbox. What you probably don’t know is that when I’m finished with my work day, I like to drive home in complete silence – no music, no cell phone. I like to have about 30 minutes when I get home before I have to talk to anyone, including my dog or boyfriend, and there is definitely no music on when I’m making food or while we’re eating dinner. After dinner, I prefer to sit on the couch and write, and when I’m finally ready for sounds, I prefer the sounds to be the laugh track and banter of a sitcom, or the silly sounds of “Tiny Wings” (I just got to the 9th island!).

When I was in my internship, I remember learning at the very beginning that my co-intern needed to “decompress” when she got home every day. I’m not sure how she spend her time doing this, but I will say that whatever it was, I did not understand it. Not one bit. When I got home, I wanted to talk about all the things that happened that day with my roommate, my mom, and my friends who were 3,000 miles away, and I wanted to play guitar and sing. HA!

That lasted about a month. We were working so hard eventually, that when I would get home and my roommate would start talking to me, I had to ask him to give me twenty minutes of quiet so I could just be with myself for a bit. I never thought in a million years that I would need quiet time with anyone, let alone myself.

Does this seem sad? A musician, a social butterfly – a LOUD social butterfly – needing peace and quiet? I think so sometimes.

I have realized that because my musical passion turned into my career, music doesn’t feel as special to me anymore. I prefer to run my 3-4 miles without an iPod, and I sing so much during the day that I rarely want to sing after I’m home for the night. When I make my YouTube instructional videos, I usually do them on a short work day or a weekend morning. When I go away on vacation, my throat is so happy to have a break that I end up taking several vacations a year because I know my voice needs it (and let’s face it, vacations are delightful).

I’ve tried to think of ways to bring back my love of listening to things, and I think maybe with time and a change in schedule, it’ll eventually happen. Maybe. Until then, however, I have to make my peace with the fact that sometimes silence really is golden. So, when my brother sent me this text message earlier today, regarding a nine-mile hike on Franconia Ridge I’m doing with him and his girlfriend in a few days…

“This will be fun…remember that moments of silence are ok.”

I smiled and thought to myself. This I can do.


How do you maintain your love of sounds after a busy day?

How do you spend your silence?


One Response to “The Sound of Silence”

  1. Since my job is in a cubicle, staring at a computer, and filing/shuffling papers, I welcome the car ride home with some tunes I can sing along to. This for the most part continues after I get home.

    My silences I like to spend in nature, when I can get it. I also rarely run with an iPod outside. I’d rather listen to the birds, the dogs barking, the leaves rustling, the sprinklers going, and if there is a car coming up behind me. There’s lots of things I do without noises because sometimes my mind just needs a rest.

    Thanks for sharing.

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