Eyes of a Child

October 4, 2011

First, if you find yourself wondering which song I’m referring to (as there is more than one song with that title), please do yourself a favor and don’t go and find the song by Air Supply, and whatever you do, don’t listen to it.  It is terrible.  No offense, Air Supply.

It was the only appropriate post headline I could think of, but a big part little part of me was remembering the song from the 1999 South Park movie, which is sweet at first and then gets very inappropriate toward the end.  I’m keeping it.

Anyway, as I was at my parents’ house today going through a cardboard box full of my old stuff from their attic, I came across this gem (below, from 1990-91), and decided it needed to be shared with the world.  I am copying it word for word from my 3rd or 4th grade cursive (so you can read it), including or excluding punctuation I may or may not have used or not used (wow), but definitely excluding my full name just in case I have a stalker.


The Elderly People

by: (Insert full legal name here)

The elderly people are old and grey a lot of elderly people can’t walk correctly or have to have a cane or a wheelchair.  You should be nice to elderly people, like, help them crossing the street if they need help, and always be polite to them so they will be happy and joyous.  If they are down in the blues because their husband or wife died try to make them smile or laugh, that might cheer them up a little bit.

Elderly people are nice and give you presents and lots of hugs and kisses they are kind and caring and you should be kind and caring to them too.


I think this is hilarious for many reasons, but mainly because in my essay on “Stereotypes of the Aging Population” I over-generalize to the extent that I’m making statements that are very subjective and opinionated, and often not even true.  I wonder why that paper was assigned to me.  I guess I’ll never know!

I’d think that it was possibly just a moment of creativity but I found the first draft in the same box (not sure why we needed two copies of that), and I usually didn’t make first drafts of my creative extracurricular work.

Something else I got from this, was that behind all the judgements, generalizations and misplaced commas, I really wanted to help “elderly people,” and make them smile in their hour of need, which is exactly what I do now, almost every day.  Go figure.


2 Responses to “Eyes of a Child”

  1. Chelsea said

    That is pretty amazing… I love what seeds God drops into us as small kids that grow into something beautiful as adults!!! SO cute. My favorite line: “You should be nice to be elderly people so they will be happy and joyous.” I can just picture little Wemdu saying “joyous” with a huge smile!!!

    • The funny part about that whole thing, is that I can’t remember more than one time other than at family gatherings when I would have interacted with an elderly person. I guess it was early insight…

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