Every Day I Write the Book

October 31, 2011

So, remember this post?  It was my very first one, and I have written 33 posts since then (including this one).  I tell my boyfriend every time I write a new post.  “Hey – I just published my 11th post!” “Hey, guess what?  I just wrote my 23rd blog post!”  “I just finished my 33rd post!”  He always has nice things to say, and seems proud (as he should, as the person who convinced me I had something to say, after all).  I get so excited about each post because not only do I not normally have great follow through in my journaling (the number of one page journals I have written in my life is astonishing) but a year ago, I didn’t think I even had anything to write about.

Anyway, about that first post…

I had been burnt out for quite some time, partially because there are aspects of my work that are frustrating and exhausting, but also because there are some changes, professionally, that needed/need to be made, and I was feeling a little lost and stuck in a rut.

The things that usually get me out of my rut are: supervising students (this only happens for six months out of the year), gardening (only possible from April to October), trying new interventions at work, going to conferences, changing my schedule around, exercising and eating healthier.  Well, in July, none of those were helping (and some weren’t even possible) and I was clutching at straws.  One day, however, I was driving down the highway and had a vision – the title “The Long and Winding Road” came to me, and I thought to myself, “Self – you should write a blog about all of the many aspects of your work as a music therapist, and you should have all the posts be titled after well known songs!”  The rest is history…

I am always more motivated to do something if it has to do with helping someone/something else.  My go-to every day rainy day activity pre-blog was “Yelping” every restaurant and bar I ever went to in my life in order to contribute my experiences to the interwebs for the greater good.  I should have known that the reason student supervision is so rewarding for me is because I can share my knowledge with people and help them learn and improve.  I should have also realized that blogging would have the same effect, but I was a little slow on the uptake.

Unfortunately, my Yelping has fallen by the wayside since I began my blog, but this may be a blessing in disguise.  I really can’t afford to keep up my Yelp! habit, and I would much rather share my knowledge of the work I do, than share with the entire world all of the things I’ve eaten at Anna’s Taqueria various restaurants over the last four years (burrito pollo con un poquito arroz, frijoles negro y roja, lechuga y guacamole, y a veces uno taco al pastor).  Basically,  I kind of broke up with my hospitality industry critic-self and decided to put my remaining language skills to good use – professional use, that might actually give someone ideas, inspiration, information and insight.  And I won’t lie, it has cured my burn out this time around.

Writing helps!  Who knew?  Maybe I’m able to move forward with the help of validation I give myself by talking about my work in this forum.  Maybe it just feels good to send thoughts out into the world and see that people are receiving them.  Maybe there’s just something to be said for expressing your thoughts on a page, editing them, re-reading them, and making sure they’re suitable for public consumption. Whatever it is, it’s working, and I’m a huge fan.

Keep reading, and comment every now and then so I know who you are!!  You mysterious people have saved me from myself, so thank you!!


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