November 15, 2011

So, in my very first post, I spoke of my love for taking vacations, and my ability to do so many times a year because I’m self-employed.  I am currently on vacation in Florida for a few days before the AMTA national conference in Atlanta, and it has been much needed and deserved, as I’ve been working harder than normal lately.  This post may not be as informative as others I’ve written, because this one’s just for me.

Wish you were here!!

Reasons I Love Vacations

(particularly this one)

1. I don’t usually have to cook (something I love to do, that’s nice to have a break from).

2. It’s usually warmer and more humid where I vacation (my vocal chords like this, as well as my skin and hair).

3. I’m not tempted to spend my free time cleaning my apartment or sorting mail (because I’m not there).

4. It’s nice to have a change of pace (and by change of pace, I mean go to sleep at 11 PM, sleep until 9 AM, take a walk, eat brunch, have fun, swim, etc.).

5. No singing (obviously I love singing, but a nice vaca for my throat and chords does a body good).

6. King-size beds with feather tops and soft sheets (this doesn’t always happen, but it’s happening right now, which is a giant perk).

7. No work (I love my job, but I need rests every now and then).

8. No dog (I love my dog, but he wakes up earlier than I would like, and it’s nice to have a break – I take him here once a year, and now is not that time).

9. Blogging, Yelping and Reading (I usually have less time during the week to do these things, and since I have no work, no dog, no apartment responsibilities and no cooking, they are possible in a grander way).


I know many, many people who don’t take enough time for themselves, and it makes a huge difference in energy level, mood and motivation.  Take time, even if it’s just a staycation, to just be with yourself, if it’s even remotely possible.  I promise, it’s worth it.

Where’s the last place you went for a little R&R, and what was your favorite part about it?


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