Down to Earth

February 21, 2012

I’ve been wanting to watch the movie WALL-E again for months, and have had clips from the theme song stuck in my head for at least that long. The other day I downloaded the song, which was written by Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman (my favorite film composer, not to be confused with Randy Newman) and have not stopped listening to it.  It’s brilliant.  It has the abstract dissonant quality of Thomas Newman’s score for the movie (along with many of the musical motifs and themes) with the distinct voice of Peter Gabriel and thoughtful, yet simple lyrics which mirror the movie plot without being gratuitous.  I love it.

When I have been listening to (and singing along with) the song (while cooking and in my car – not simultaneously) I have found that I have the urge to cry.

I don’t normally cry for no reason, or even while listening to music.  I cry when I’m upset or angry or sad or happy, or if someone else is crying, but also at Hallmark commercials, sappy personal interest or success stories, when animals die in movies and basically any time at all during romantic comedies.  Oh, and while watching “Sophie’s Choice,” which is a whole other ballgame.  Aside: If you haven’t seen Sophie’s Choice and think you might, please don’t look it up on Wikipedia or IMDB.  It is a remarkable film, but it is incredibly sad (like, INCREDIBLY sad) and really doesn’t have the same effect if you know what happens.  If you decide to watch it after reading my glowing two line review, watch it early in the day, and get yourself a box of tissues beforehand.

So…I have the urge to cry when I hear/sing with “Down to Earth,” particularly the part at the end with the Gospel chorus. If you watched the video before reading this paragraph, or have listened to the song recently, does it affect you the same way?  Just curious.  Anyway, after watching the movie for the third of fourth time last night, and crying throughout the entire movie (I may have had literally fifteen minutes of respite from the waterworks) I have a theory:  I somehow remembered crying through the entire movie the last few times I saw it, and thus when I heard the theme song, the association made me emotional and close to tears.

Here’s a resource on other reasons why this could have been the case.

Any other theories?


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