Drop Me Off in New Orleans

April 25, 2012

I have a confession to make.

I have been in a love affair for about ten years.  My boyfriend knows about it and accepts it.  Sometimes it even enhances our relationship, and it makes me who I am.

My love affair is with the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

This image of the French Quarter is hanging in my dining room

I am sitting in the airport right now and I only have about twenty more minutes of free wifi to tell you five of the things I love most about the city I’m about to be in for six days, so here I go, in no particular order:

1. The music

2. The food

3. The fun and irreverent atmosphere

4. The creepy-antique energy of the French Quarter

5. Jackson Square kiosks

I love New Orleans.  I don’t call it NOLA, I don’t call it Nawlins, I don’t call it anything that makes me seem like I deserve to be there more than anyone else.  I just love it.  This will be my fourth time visiting the fabulous city, and I’ll be going to the Jazz and Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest) for the second time.  I was only there once before Katrina, and because the French Quarter was barely touched by the flooding, I haven’t noticed much of a change when I go back and stay in that neighborhood (which I always do).

I find that I get lost in the old time blues and jazz that seems to be everywhere during Jazz Fest, and I go home humming minor blues improvisations for days and weeks. Most of what I play at work ends up having a New Orleans sound for a while, and I lead groups that somehow always bring me back there in my mind.  I feel like I’m home when I go to New Orleans, and I always feel sad when I leave.

Would I ever live there? No.  I’m a wimp and too scared of floods and hurricanes in a city that was built below sea level, and I have too much going on up north to move south, but I will always go back to New Orleans.

When I’m no longer able to go back physically, I will always remember those amazing times and go back to New Orleans in my music and in my mind.


One Response to “Drop Me Off in New Orleans”

  1. Me too. I just went for Easter and just had to blog about all the houses we saw in the Garden District. You just can’t go wrong in NOLA!

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