Thanks for The Memory

May 8, 2012

Last week, on the 30th of April, my boyfriend/partner and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary (by going out to a fancy dinner in the French Quarter of New Orleans).  What does this have to do with anything, you ask?  Really nothing.  Except that instead of getting him a present, I spent months (this is not an exaggeration, but let’s say that I wasn’t spending a lot of consistent time) writing a parody of Bob Hope’s “Thanks for the Memory” and added many many memories – good and … iffy.

First, before I share my version, which I played for my boyfriend before we left for New Orleans, and which he was so touched by that he insisted upon video-recording it and sharing it with the world, check out the original version from the 1938 film, “The Big Broadcast of 1938.”

My version is obviously very personal, so you won’t understand references, but it was extremely therapeutic for me to do something like this for our anniversary, and I had a lot of fun with rhymes and meter.  I talked about my love of parodies and my background with them in this post, months ago, and other than at work, I have written very few.  I think that’s about to change…

I hope you enjoyed it, and are inspired to write your own!



One Response to “Thanks for The Memory”

  1. emholleran said

    What a great gift!!

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