The short version:

After a brief stint in Musical Theatre land, I transferred to Berklee College of Music, where I eventually graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy, and thus, the reason for my interest in blogging.  I’m a thirty year-old singer, and an enthusiastic Music Therapist who loves loves loves all the oldies.  I work with older adults in many settings and in inpatient psychiatry, and I direct a music therapy contracting agency as well. If you’re at all interested in learning about my experience, or if my story seems similar to your own, then read my blog, which is the long, perpetual version of my story.


6 Responses to “My Story”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hi Boston Music Lady!
    I tried to like your facebook page and I couldn’t find it, could you send me the link?

  2. Ben Gelber said

    Thanks! We return tomorrow night with an expanded repertoire to play for a much larger group of seniors, and another concert is slated associated with the public library the following week. I added “Ale Bider” to the mix. Hope all is well in Boston! -Ben

  3. kayla said

    Coincidentally, I also found your you tube music when I was researching Tumbalalaika (which I am going to sing at my son’s Bar Mitzvah). Beautiful music and lovely use for your talents.

  4. Anonymous said

    I appreciate your work with the elderly and discovered your music by chance researching Tumbalalaika. I have created an ensemble to perform for (mostly) seniors/assisted living residents, focusing on their history and memories. We have performed about 10 concerts so far in the past year or so, and have just added Tumbalalaika to our repertoire. Here is one quick sample from a recent concert at Wexner Heritage Village in Columbus, OH:

    Best wishes for continued success! You are doing fine things.

    Ben Gelber
    NBC4 Meteorologist
    Friday Night Live Music

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