I’ve been telling my self for years that I don’t need an advanced degree.  Here’s what my monologue usually sounds like:

Picturing all the future reading I'll have to do hurts my head...

“I’m a clinician.  I’ve been working on building a client base forever, and  the people who work with me have passed my name to others and know what my skills are.  If I got a Master’s, the only thing that would be different is that I would have a Master’s!   At this point, for the population I work with, I can charge pretty much what I want per/hour, so my pay wouldn’t increase, and all it would do would create more debt in my debt-filled life.  ALSO, since I would want to keep working, getting a Master’s would basically be like going to work all day and then also working all night.  Is it worth it?  I’ll revisit the idea in two years.”


Here’s a little update, and some things that have changed since the last time I ranted at myself about not going back to school:

I have realized that I don’t necessarily always want to ONLY be a clinician.  I want to teach college students. I want to counsel people with aging family members, learn more about gerontology, and learn more about my own field so I can better do my job.

Most of those things require me to get a Master’s degree, but where do I begin?  Based on my statements prior to this paragraph, there are many possibilities.  Do I want to go to school part time?  Do I just want to take one class per semester and just chip away at the degree?  Do I want to get a Master’s from an inexpensive online program to save myself the debt, or do I want a brand-name school to teach me?  What I’m finding is that there are more questions than answers at this stage of the game.

Any advice?